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Elephants at Dusk

Tanzania‚ East Africa

A superlative destination! Tanzania is a jewel for wildlife and vast wild areas. It has the highest percentage of land in an African country under protection‚ while 40% of Tanzania is set aside for wildlife and conservation. 

Tanzania boasts the tallest mountain (Kilimanjaro) in Africa‚ the largest and deepest lakes; Lake Victoria and Tanganyika along with the second deepest lake in the world - Lake Tanganyika. 

Serengeti National Park hosts the largest migration of wildlife known; around a million wildebeest migrate around the Serengeti ecosystem following the rain. 

Tanzania's biodiversity is so great that it ranks among the top ten countries in the world. It is home to 1100 species of breeding birds. This compares with 800 in all of southern Africa. 

An ancient home to early man - Olduvai Gorge bears the evidence that ancient hominids lived here over three million years ago and is often referred to as the "Cradle of Mankind." 

These are a few among the many amazing facts and features in Tanzania. It is largely unspoilt and sparsely populated in many areas. Not only is the wilderness special‚ but Tanzania has miles of pristine beaches‚ including those on exotic islands like Zanzibar‚ Mafia and Pemba. 

Planning a trip around Tanzania is not difficult. The international airport of Kilimanjaro provides easy access from Europe and the rest of the world. Nearby to the west of Kilimanjaro Airport‚ the lively‚ bustling town of Arusha has become the gateway to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro. Regional Air flies from Arusha daily and we would be delighted to assist you on your journey to discover the beauty and friendliness of Tanzania.