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By using‚ the user agrees to the following terms and conditions: is operated by Regional Air Services ltd. The site offers a variety of tourism services and products including flights‚ organized trips and package deals ("The Services"). 
The Services offered in are offered by Regional Air Services The Services offered on may be provided by Regional Air Services and/or other various third party providers and distributors. 

The use of is subject to the terms and conditions stipulated hereunder ("The Terms and Conditions.") The Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between Regional Air Services and the user of 
The user is requested to read carefully the Terms and Conditions as they determine his rights and obligations. Using and typing "I agree to the Terms and Conditions" at the end of this form‚ constitute a definite and irrevocable acceptance on the part of the user to all the Terms and Conditions‚ and the user and/or anyone on his behalf shall not have any claim and /or demand‚ whether direct or indirect‚ against Regional Air Services and/or its owners and/or anyone acting on their behalf‚ except as provided here within
Regional Air Services . reserves the right to change and/or modify‚ at any time and at its sole discretion‚ the Terms and Conditions‚ the scope and availability of the offered Services and products at and any other aspect connected and/or related to Each change and/or modification shall take effect from the time of its inclusion in The binding Terms and Conditions of each order made by the user shall be the Terms and Conditions appearing on the site at the time of the order. A user who does not agree with any part of the Terms and Conditions must not use

The Terms and Conditions refer to both male and female‚ and the linguistic use of the male gender is for convenience only. 

Information Security and Privacy
The personal details that the user submits while making a order‚ including the details of his purchase(s)‚ shall be retained by Regional Air Services for its database. Regional Air Services shall not transfer this information to any third party‚ except to its service providers and only for completing the order.
Regional Air Services dedicates resources and takes measures to prevent others from entering and infringing upon the privacy of the users. Yet it is impossible to totally prevent others from entering the site and obtaining the information contained within‚ without Regional Air Services knowledge and authorization. Therefore‚ the user hereby declares that he shall not have any claims and/or demands‚ of whatever sort‚ against Regional Air Services and or anyone acting on its behalf arising from such unauthorized use of the information if it shall regretfully occur. 

Ownership and Rights‚ the trademarks and models contained within are the property of Regional Air Services and/or of other third parties that advertise in The user must not change and/or modify the content and/or the information and/or the data and/or the software and/or the Services and/or the products and/or anything else contained within Furthermore‚ the user must not copy and/or reproduce and/or republish and/or distribute and/or sell and/or transfer and/or modify and/or use‚ in any way or kind‚ directly and/or indirectly‚ data and/or information and/or any other element contained and/or is a part of‚ (except download‚ display and/or print one copy of the information presented at‚ on a single computer‚ for personal‚ non-commercial use only). 
Nothing contained on should be construed as granting any license and/or any right to use any of the propriety rights displayed on‚ nor any waiver of whatever kind‚ of those rights by their owners. 
The use of any trademarks and/or other propriety rights‚ contained in‚ on any other Web site and/or in any other environment of networked computers is strictly prohibited. The user must not post and/or transmit any unlawful‚ threatening‚ libelous‚ defamatory‚ obscene‚ indecent‚ inflammatory‚ pornographic‚ or profane material and/or any other material that could constitute and/or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offense and/or give rise to civil liability and/or otherwise in violation of any law domestic or foreign. 

Illegal and/or unauthorized use of and/or of the information contained in shall constitute a breach of copyrights and/or trademarks and/or other intellectual properties and a violation of propriety laws. 
The user hereby declares that he knows that and all the information and/or data contained within‚ as well as the form and design of‚ are the exclusive property of Regional Air Services and in the case of third parties' advertisements the property of those other third parties. 
Regional Air Services and any third-party advertising on make no warranty of whatever sort or kind in regard to and the Services and products advertised in‚ all of which are provided on an "as is" basis. Regional Air Services and any third party providers and/or distributors‚ do not warrant the accuracy and/or completeness and/or reliability of any of the content and/or information and/or data contained on‚ and expressly disclaim‚ to the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law‚ all warranties and conditions‚ including implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose‚ and non-infringement‚ and those arising by statute and/or otherwise in law and/or from a course of dealing and/or usage of trades. also includes information over which Regional Air Services has no supervision and/or control. Regional Air Services does not verify the authenticity of this information and will not bear any liability for any mistake and/or deceit and/or discrepancy and/or missing information included therein. 

Conditions and Liabilities
The liability of Regional Air Services is limited by their terms of contract as well as by international conventions and local laws. Before reserving a flight through‚ it is recommended to read the specific customer contract of the airline that operates the flight. If the user wishes to receive the contract conditions of the airline which operates the flight‚ he can contact Regional Air Service’s Reservations Center‚ and this information‚ if available‚ shall be given to him under the condition that the user has reserved the flight through 
If the Services ordered by the user are not services that are provided by Regional Air Services‚ Regional Air Services shall be considered as an intermediate only‚ between the user and the airlines and/or the travel agencies and/or the tour operators‚ and therefore Regional Air Services shall not be responsible and/or liable‚ directly and/or indirectly‚ to any damage and/or loss‚ of whatever sort or kind‚ caused due to the faulty and/or improper performance of those services and the sole responsibility and liability‚ in this regard‚ shall be borne by the service providers‚ according to their terms of service. 

Regional Air Services and/or any of the managers of and/or the operators of and/or anyone acting on their behalf do not warrant that the site is free from viruses and/or other malicious components that may damage the user's computer and/or other equipment and therefore shall not be responsible‚ under any circumstances‚ and/or liable for any damages‚ of whatever sort or kind‚ caused by such viruses and/or other components. 
In no event shall Regional Air Services and/or any third party providers and/or distributors be liable for any injury and/or loss and/or claim and/or damage and/or any special and/or exemplary and/or punitive and/or indirect and/or incidental and/or consequential damage of any kind (including but not limited to lost profits and/or lost savings and/or revenues)‚ whether based in contract‚ tort‚ strict liability‚ or otherwise‚ which arises out‚ or in any way connected with‚ any use of and/or any failure and/or delay (including but not limited to the use‚ or inability of use‚ of any component of‚ the performance and/or non-performance by Regional Air Services and/or any third party providers and/or distributors‚ even if Regional Air Services and/or any such third party has been advised of the possibility of such damages. 
The user shall compensate and indemnify Regional Air Services and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or any third party providers and distributors and their officers‚ directors‚ employees‚ and agents‚ from and against any claims and/or demands including for all the expenditures and/or damages and/or legal costs that Regional Air Services may be liable to due to the usage of by the user. 

Change‚ Modifications‚ and Cessation of the Site and Offered Services
Regional Air Services may cease at any time the activity of and/or cancel the Services offered in it‚ including but not limited to all or some of the links contained in to other sites. Regional Air Services may cancel the purchase of the Services by the user‚ without any prior notice. Regional Air Services may refuse access or cease access to or to any part of it‚ to any user and at any phase‚ at its sole discretion and without any prior notice. 
Regional Air Services may change and modify‚ from time to time‚ the site's structure and/or outlook and/or terms and conditions of use and/or the scope and availability of its offered services and/or any other element connected to the site‚ its operation and the Services‚ at its sole discretion and without prior notice. 

All pictures and images displayed on are for demonstration purposes only and do not‚ in any of form‚ constitute any obligation of whatever sort on Regional Air Service’s part. 
Information displayed on that is given to Regional Air Services by third parties is under the sole responsibility of those parties‚ and Regional Air Services shall not be responsible and/or liable to any mistakes and/or misrepresentation‚ of whatever sort regarding such information. 

Use of
The user may use to make legitimate orders or purchase different services and must not use for any other purposes‚ including without limitation‚ to make any speculative‚ false‚ or fraudulent order and/or any order in anticipation of demand. 
A order through can be paid only by a credit card. Any person who owns a valid credit card of one of the following Credit Card Companies may purchase services through Regional Air Services Net: Visa‚ American Express‚ MasterCard and JCB. Without detracting from the above stated‚ a condition precedent for the execution of the purchase order through is the receipt of the approval of the user's credit card company for the purchase. is intended for making orders and purchasing different services and products and for the receipt of information in this regard to such services and products. No other use is permitted. 
If the user represents that he is of a sufficient legal age to use and to create binding legal obligations for any liability that he may incur as a result of the use of‚ he shall be financially responsible for all uses of by the user and those using his login information. 

Reservation Procedure
The user should enter in the chosen order's details‚ the credit card details‚ and all other details requested by the order form. The user shall be solely responsible for all errors while entering the different requested details‚ including but not limited to errors in choosing the flight destination and/or vacation and/or the number of tickets and/or services that the user wishes to purchase and/or mistakes in regard to the ages of the passengers and/or in regard to the passenger's passport details. 
Regional Air Services and/or third-party providers and/or distributors shall not be responsible and/or liable‚ directly and/or indirectly‚ if the order and/or some of the order's details shall not be accepted by the system‚ for whatever reason and/or cause. Regional Air Services shall not be responsible for any technical and/or other problems that shall prevent the user from purchasing the Services on 

Entering false details‚ including invalid credit card details and/or details of credit cards that the user has no right to use‚ is a criminal offense. Legal action can be taken against anyone entering false information‚ including civil suits for damages‚ which Regional Air Services and/or any third-party providers and/or distributors‚ might incur due to‚ or in regard to‚ the entering of false information. 
Regional Air Services and/or third-party providers and/or distributors are under no obligation to accept the user's order and/or to give it priority over other orders including orders that were made at a later time. 

Prices and Payments
The prices listed on are valid for orders made exclusively through‚ The prices specified on are in U.S. dollars. All payments in different currencies shall be translated to U.S. dollars‚ according to the selling transfer rate of the U.S. dollar. Regional Air Services shall debit the user's credit card for the order only after confirmation of the order. 
An extra fee will be charged for order changes and/or cancellations. 
The number of vacation days per each package listed on includes the day of departure and the day of return‚ in accordance with the flight schedules of the various airlines. The number of vacation days is counted from the time the passengers leave their country to the time they return‚ even if the departure occurs in the afternoon or evening and the return flight lands in the morning.

Reservation that have been sent and cancelled shall be charged with full cancellation fees. The cancellation fees that the user shall be charged with shall be at the rates customary in Regional Air Services and/or as charged by third party providers and distributors of the Services. The user is requested to ascertain‚ by phone‚ the rate of the cancellation fees before the actual cancellation. 
Regional Air Services recommends that the user acquire insurance policies‚ which will cover events of cancellations‚ and a medical insurance policy. Regional Air Services recommends that the user check carefully the terms and conditions stated in these polices. 

General Flight Information
The flight schedules and the airport of origin and destination are subject to changes. 

Visas and Passports
The user shall be solely responsible for any damages of whatever sort or kind that may be caused by any errors in typing passport details‚ including their expiration dates. A passenger who claims to have a valid exit or entrance visa‚ in accordance with the law of the relevant countries‚ and then finds out at the airport of departure or destination‚ that he does not hold a valid visa and/or other essential documents‚ is solely responsible for all the damages that he and/or the airline and/or Regional Air Services and/or anyone acting on its behalf‚ shall incurred. The passenger shall indemnify the airline and/or Regional Air Services and/or anyone acting on its behalf‚ for such damages immediately upon Regional Air Services's first demand. In addition and without prejudice to the passenger's obligation‚ Regional Air Services shall be entitled to debit those amounts by charging the passenger's credit card that the details of which were given by the passenger and/or any other means. 

Links to Other Sites contains links to different commercial Web sites and other Internet pages (hereinafter: "the Other Web Sites"). Regional Air Services has no control over the Other Web Sites‚ and the use of them is subject to the terms‚ conditions and other instructions detailed in the Other Web Sites‚ if such exist. The Web Sites are provided only for the user's convenience and are not endorsed by Regional Air Services in any way or form.
Regional Air Services shall not be liable in any way whatsoever to the contents of the Other Web Sites and the inclusion of the links are not‚ in any way‚ confirmations of whatever sort‚ on Regional Air Services's behalf‚ as to the truthfulness and/or correctness of the information contained on the Other Web Sites.
If the user shall decide to access the Other Web Sites‚ he does so at his own risk. Every transaction that the user will carry out on the Other Web Sites shall be executed directly between the user and the Other Web Site and/or the site owners and/or its operators and/or anyone acting on their behalf‚ without any involvement on the part of Regional Air Services and/or anyone acting on Regional Air Services's behalf‚ and Regional Air Services and/or anyone acting on its behalf shall not be liable‚ in any way or form‚ to any act and/or transaction and/or purchase that shall take place in the Other Web Sites. 
By using‚ the user agrees and acknowledges that he will have no claim and/or demand‚ of any kind or form‚ against Regional Air Services and/or anyone acting on its behalf for any use and/or act and/or transaction and/or purchase of products and/or services that will take place on the Other Web Sites.
If Regional Air Services and/or anyone acting on its behalf‚ shall try out of their good will and on exceptional basis to assist in solving a problem of a user on that chose to carry out a transaction on the Other Web Sites‚ this assistance shall not be interpreted in any way as putting any liability‚ of whatever kind or form‚ on Regional Air Services and /or anyone acting on its behalf. Similarly‚ nothing shall be interpreted in these Terms and Conditions as creating any liability of whatever sort or kind on Regional Air Services and/or anyone acting on its behalf‚ for any act‚ whatsoever‚ that the user has taken on the Other Web Sites or by means of the Other Web Sites. 

Entire Agreement‚ Additional Terms and Severability
These Terms and Conditions‚ together with those incorporated herein or referred to herein‚ constitute the entire Agreement between Regional Air Services and the user‚ relating to the subject matter hereof‚ and supersedes any prior understandings and/or agreements (whether oral and/or written) regarding the subject matter‚ and may not be amended and/or modified except in writing or by making such amendments or modifications available on 
Additional terms and conditions may apply to orders‚ purchases of goods and/or services and other uses of portions of‚ and the user agrees to abide by such other terms and conditions. 
The Terms and Conditions shall be deemed severable. If any provision shall be determined to be unenforceable and/or invalid‚ such provision shall nonetheless be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law‚ and such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining provisions. 

Jurisdiction and Choice of Law
The law of the State of Tanzania only‚ shall govern this Agreement and the orders made through The Courts of the Arusha district in Tanzania shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute and/or complaint and/or the claim regarding the use of and the purchases/orders made on it.


1. Passengers must hold a ticket in order to board a flight. All air carriage is subject to the rules and limitations relating to liability established by the Warsaw Convention and/or Montreal Convention 1999. 

2. Each passenger is allowed 15 kgs of personal baggage. This allowance shall include all hand baggage. Soft bags are a requirement.
The Company does not accept liability for any valuables including any cash‚ credit card‚ jewellery‚ cameras‚ computers etc. contained in checked baggage. 

  • All baggage checked in is tagged and loaded by the airline‚ but on disembarking the passenger must ensure he/she has all their bags. 
  • Excess Baggage: The carriage of excess baggage is at the sole discretion of the Captain‚ after taking into consideration the aircraft being used‚ and the number of passengers booked. When excess baggage is carried it will be charged at the prevailing freight rate. 
  • In the event of the baggage or freight being lost or damaged during carriage‚ then the Company's liability is limited to a maximum of US$10 per kg. All claims for such events must be made in writing within 7 days of their occurrence. All unaccompanied baggage must be open for inspection at check-in. 


  • Arusha‚ Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar: 1 hour before scheduled departure time. 
  • Other airstrips: 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • The Company reserves the right to re-allocate seats if passenger have not checked in 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. 

4. Regional Air Services undertakes to use its best endeavours to carry the passenger and his baggage with reasonable dispatch‚ but no particular time is fixed for the commencement or completion of carriage. Subject thereto‚ Regional Air Services may‚ without prior notice‚ substitute‚ alte;rnate carriers of aircraft and may alte;r or omit the stopping place previously agreed upon. Times indicated on brochures are approximate and not guaranteed.

  • Should the arrival or departure times vary from these timetables‚ the Company will endeavour to notify all agents and passengers of the amended time.
  • The Company does not accept any liability for any direct or consequential costs arising from any delays in carriage due to any reasons whatsoever. The Company reserves the right to change departure times or carrier when so required for operational or safety reasons‚ or weather. 

5. No liability whatsoever is accepted towards passengers or hirers‚ their dependants or any other persons in respect of death‚ injury‚ sickness‚ damage or loss‚ whether sustained on board the aircraft‚ in course of any operations of the flight‚ embarking‚ disembarking or otherwise. Any exclusions or limitation of liability of carrier shall apply to and be for the benefit of agents‚ servants and representative of carrier and any other person whose aircrafts is used by carrier for the carriage and its agents‚ servants and representatives. 


  • Passengers who have paid via credit card must carry the original credit card or copy of front of the card on which payment was made. Airport staff may ask for it as proof of payment. Failing to provide the card or copy will not be accepted by Regional Air Services flight. 


  • We do not accept children travelling unaccompanied under their 12th birthday. 

8. All Regional Air Services flights are non-smoking. 

9. To secure reservation‚ full payment must be made at least 14 days in advance‚ unless a credit facility with the Company is in place. 

10. GROUP BOOKINGS (9 - 12).
Reconfirmation of the booking is required 14 days prior to date of flight. Notification will be given and the booking will be automatically cancelled if re-confirmation is not expedited. 


  • Reservations cancelled or amended 7 days or more before date of travel will be refunded in full‚ although a handling fee of $10 per ticket is payable if tickets have been issued.
  • Cancellations or amendments within the period of 7 to 4 days before date of travel will be charged a handling fee of $50 per ticket.
  • Cancellations or amendments within 4 days before date of travel or any "NO SHOWS" will be charged in full unless‚ for good reason‚ the passenger wishes to postpone their flight. In this case‚ a fee of $50 will be payable for a new ticket to be issued. Tickets are valid for 6 months. 


  • All seats booked will be considered firm if not cancelled 14 days prior to flight. 

13. All claims for any event should be received in writing within 7 days of its occurrence. All cases of dispute are under the Law of Tanzania. 

14. An air carrier issuing a ticket for carriage over the lines of another air carrier does so only as its agent. 

No agent‚ servant or representative of the carrier has the authority to alter‚ modify or waive any provision of this contract.